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"We have been able to average $300-$500 4-5 days out of the week!"

Keilani Hayden
Founder of KTWood on Etsy


"I made over $27,000 last year because of this workshop!"

Angela Brown
Founder of TwistingTreeJewelry on Etsy

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"I have made 150% more sales compared with past months!"

Alessandra Thornton
Founder of OrganicjewelrybyAlli on Etsy

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Connect with our community by joining our eShop Marketer Pro Facebook Group. We work on our shops together, cheer each other on, and celebrate each other's success.

Over 20 courses to choose from

The Ultimate Etsy Blueprint

How to build your Etsy shop, pick winning products and grow your traffic and sales.

The Conclusive Guide to SEO

Master search engine optimization and tap into the massive free traffic source of Google.

Predictable Pinterest Profits

Get your products in front of millions of Pinterest shoppers and grow your following.

Live coaching to help you achieve results

You can stop in any time for one of our live workshops. With live Q&A on every workshop you’ll find comfort knowing that you always have a place to go to get your shop “unstuck”.

3 LIVE coaching workshops every week

Shop Review Workshop

You can drop us a link to your shop and one of our coaches will review it for you. We’ll look at your keywords, photos, pricing, and give you tips and ideas specifically for your shop so you can get more results faster.

"Get Money Now" Workshops

On this workshop we cover a specific topic such as how to get more traffic, how to take better photos, how to building better listings, or whatever members ask for the most.

Prizes On Every Workshop

We like to have fun on these workshops! On every workshop we randomly select three attendees and let them spin the prize wheel. Done For You Services and Etsy Gift Cards are just some of the prizes you can win.

Loads of Pro Perks such as free logo & banner design

Having a great looking shop is one of the fundamental steps to building a successful Etsy business. All eShop Marketer Pro members get professional logo & banner design services included. Just one of the many perks of being Pro.

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Meet our coaches

Charles Curry

“As an Etsy seller who struggled to get their shop off the ground, I understand the challenges that Etsy sellers deal with. I’m going to coach and guide you through each step so you can reach your potential.”

Jacob Bairen

“Working on Etsy shops every day, I’ve developed a keen eye for spotting problems that bring down Etsy shops. I’ve learned the easy solutions to problems like low traffic and low sales. You’ll be amazed.”

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  Is this course self-paced?

  When are the live workshops?

  When are the live workshops?

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