Who Else Hates the 9-5? If you’re ready to start selling online then you need our 15 Step Etsy Shop Step Checklist.

Who Else Hates the 9-5? If you’re ready to start selling online then you need our 15 Step Etsy Shop Step Checklist.

It took us months to make our first sale on Etsy, we made a lot of mistakes early on that held us back. Our checklist will show you to get started quickly, setup your shop properly, and help you make your first sale.
Do you know that 65% of Etsy shops fail? It’s so sad, we almost did too. We actually made $13,055 in sales in our first 7 months on Etsy. The funny thing is that in the first 3 months we only made $127.95.
It was really hard to keep working on the shop, but in our 4th month we had a breakthrough and made $12,927.72 in months 4-7. What was really annoying is that we later learned the first 3 months could have been just as profitable, if we’d only known what we were doing. Every month after month 4 has been great. But those first 3 were a real pain in the neck.

Etsy barely sends any traffic to most new shops. Etsy gets millions of visitors per month, but they most direct that traffic to proven established shops. They want you to sit around for a few months before sending you much traffic.
The way to get past this 90 day “waiting game of lost dreams” is to make sure your shop is setup properly and fully established. This shows Etsy that you’ve done your homework and are serious about selling.

You see each month we worked on the shop, adding more listings, tweaking the keywords and descriptions, changing out images, and just trying to get something to work. But our shop was still missing a lot of critical details. After 90 days our shop was fairly established, had most everything filled out correctly, and Etsy could obviously see we were trying. So they opened the floodgates. They started sending us loads of traffic and our sales skyrocketed.

When my friends and family started asking questions about setting up their own Etsy shops, I gave them clear instructions on what they needed to do to get their shops up and running quickly. Their first 3 months were MUCH better than ours, they didn’t have to face the 90 day “waiting game of lost dreams” like we did, and they shops have flourished since then.

Even if you have an Etsy shop, this checklist is very valuable to help you make sure your shop isn’t missing any critical details. So claim yours right now for free. Click the big Get My Checklist Now Button and start making more sales on Etsy today.
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