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We're Going To Be Covering...
  • How you can build a thriving Etsy shop in 2020 even if you have no Etsy selling experience OR have been selling on Etsy for years...
  • How you can do this EVEN if you’re terrible at computers…
  • My 5 Step Process for finding relevant, high search volume keywords for your listings, even if you’re not very creative!
  • The Critical Keyword Mistakes that cause most Etsy shops to FAIL and how to AVOID them.
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  • My one simple tip for consistently growing your sales every month...
  • How you can have peace of mind and security by growing your Etsy and Google traffic volume.
Charles Curry - Owner of Wall Decal Source
Running an Etsy shop has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. Providing a product that makes your customer happy and also allows you to work on your own schedule is like none other.

I opened my shop Wall Decal Source in 2012 and since then it has made over 6,000 sales!

I want to share my secrets to success with Etsy sellers or would be sellers like you so that you can experience the same success and freedom that I have.

Claim your spot today to learn how you can grow your Etsy shop like I have.
Here's what others are saying about our Free Etsy SEO Training Workshop

Talia Ellzey says:

Thanks so much! That workshop was super helpful! I changed my product description with as many search names as possible, and improved my items tags. I found that when I did that, my item pop up on the first page of product searches. Yea! Now to wait to see if my sales go up. I'm applying every tip you send! I love creating and want my products to go to great homes! Thanks so much for sharing such awesomeness to help people like me!!!

Kat Crawford says:

Hi Gayle, thank you so much for all of the info! I really learned a lot and I'm excited to start making some changes to my shop. I already make pretty good sales so I'm excited to see how changing some things help will help increase sales even more! You guys rock. 

Rene Williams says:

Thanks! This information is helpful, and just what I was looking for on how to market my jewelry pieces.

Heather says:

I did enjoy it! Very informative and easy to understand. Thank You for all your hard work you put into your presentation.

Kathy Hermes & Sheryl Stern Titone says:

Gayle, thank you & Charles so much for the very informative webinar. We found it very educational & enjoyable. We would like to tell you that we appreciate your generosity in sharing the PDF Convo Template. We can tell it will be a go to tool for us to use. We look forward to more of your seminars.
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