Did you know that 63.9% of Etsy shops fail because they aren’t set up correctly?
Did you know that 63.9% of Etsy shops fail because they aren’t set up correctly?
Get our 15 Step Checklist For Opening A Successful Etsy Shop to learn how to properly set up your shop so that Etsy sends you more visitors, more sales and more money.
Get our 15 Step Checklist For Opening A Successful Etsy Shop to learn how to properly set up your shop so that Etsy sends you more visitors, more sales and more money.
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Claim your copy at this huge discount before the timer hits zero!
Claim your copy at this huge discount before the timer hits zero!
Our Shop Nearly Failed Because We Did This Wrong

In our first 3 months on Etsy we only made 3 sales. 


We were testing, tweaking and trying everything we could think of to get sales.  

In our 4th month on Etsy it all came together and our shop exploded. 

In months 4-7 we made $12,927.72.

Who else wants to make sales like that… BUT in your FIRST 3 months?

Our sales exploded because we finally had our shop 100% correctly set up, I just wish it hadn’t taken us 3 months.

Our first 3 months on Etsy
3 orders and $127.95 in sales.
Our next 4 months on Etsy
175 orders and $12,927.72 in sales. That's 101x more!
Here's What Your Going To Learn From This Checklist
  • Picking a niche - We'll show you how to find a niche with low entry cost, low competition and plenty of upside.
  • Keyword Research - How to find keywords that are relevant to your listings that actually get lots of searches!
  • Picking Your Shop Name - How to find a catchy name AND one that has all the social media usernames available.
  • Writing Your Shop Description - How to write a description that actually increases sales AND makes Etsy love you.
  • Creating Your Shop Header - Where and how to get header images created for $5 that look incredible.
  • Setup Your Policies - How to write up shipping policies, refund policies, payment policies, and privacy policies that protect you, Etsy and the buyer. 
  • About Us Section - Why the about us section is so important and how to link your social media, website and story all together in it!
  • Setup Your Shop Sections - You'll learn the big mistake sellers make with their shop section and how to do it right.
  • Add Listings - How many listings you need to get started and how to set them up.
  • Listing Keywords - How to build a good keyword profile for each listing so your listings get TONS of search traffic.
  • Listing Pictures - What types of pictures are best and what photography "sins" you should avoid.
  • Listing Description - How to create powerful listing descriptions so you convert more visitors into buyers.
  • Add Your Items - Get your items on listed and a bonus tip on how to grow the sales for each product up to 500%.
  • Offer A Coupon - What type of coupon you should start off with so that you shop gets an instant boost.
  • Promote Your Shop - Why and how to promote your shop so you can hit the ground running with your new store.
Who is this for?
The Mompreneur
You want to open your Etsy shop and make sure you do it correctly.
The Beginner
You already sell on Etsy but aren’t getting the results you deserve.
The Veteran
You’re an established Etsy sellers and you want to make sure your shop is 100% correctly set up and getting the highest results possible.
About The Authors

Charles and Gayle Curry opened their Etsy Shop, Wall Decal Source in 2012. It was a slow going process to get it rolling, and in the first 3 months the shop received only 3 sales total.

After about 3 months of painful waiting, testing and trying, the shop finally took off. Sales started to pour in, 5 star reviews started to stack up, and the shop has grown to be in the top 1% of all shops on Etsy out of 1,500,000.

Since then Charles and Gayle have started an Amazon store, several more Etsy shops, and even their own website.

As the business grew they brought on additional team members to help with production and advertising. In the last 36 Months their team has:

  • Printed and shipped over 5,340 orders  
  • Ran hundreds of advertising campaigns  
  • Built a custom website  
  • Received thousands of visitors from Social Media Marketing  
  • And invested over $50,000 in marketing and advertising ...so they know a thing or two about selling their items on Etsy and online. 

Their friends and family started asking questions about how they could start their own shops, Charles and Gayle gave several friends advice, and their shops took off a LOT faster then theirs originally did.

So they wrote this book together so that new Etsy sellers wouldn't have to have such a difficult time getting success with their shops.

This book will reveal many of their hard learned lessons, methods, and strategies to getting a new Etsy shop started, running, and making sales every day.

You'll Also Get This Video Training When You Claim Your Checklist
How to Get Tons of reviews
on your etsy shop
How to Get Your Items Ranked At
The Top Of Search Results
8 Steps to SEO Optimizing 
Your Etsy Shop 
About Our Etsy Shop

At the time of writing this our shop has over 5,340 sales.

This puts our shop in the top 1% of all Etsy shops based on the quantity of orders.

Although there are many shops that have a lot more orders than even we do, there are very few shops that have as many orders as we do at the price point we sell at. 

Most large shops sell supplies at a much lower price point of about $10 per order. 

Our average order is $70+, this has allowed us to have higher profit margins for our shop.

We have also received over 890 reviews with a 5 star average.

You can go check out our shop Wall Decal Source.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Why $1.95?
If you’re thinking "$1.95 is cheap…what’s the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. This puts the training within reach of everyone.

2. We normally charge $37 for this training.

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